Wastewater often refers to the transportation, removal, and treatment of waste water that can be municipal or domestic, industrial or environmental. The overall performance of the pump stations depends on the performance of the pumps. All pumps have four common performance characteristics: capacity, head, power and overall efficiency. These characteristics should be considered when selecting the pumps.

Hydraulic efficiency is not the only thing

But hydraulic efficiency is not the only thing to consider. Unlike clean water pump where energy costs amount to up to 85-90% of a pump’s overall life cycle cost, wastewater pump, energy costs may only be 20%-30% of a pump’s whole of life cost, with blockages, downtime, maintenance, reliability, and cost of repairs being the biggest cost.

A pump can be very hydraulically efficient, but if it is not an efficient solids handler. Downtime is a big contributor to a hidden cost of a poorly selected wastewater pump. If the pumps are unreliable, they can cause frequent overflows and production line stoppages, and if they are difficult or time consuming to repair, make the problem worse.

Our wastewater pumps are constructed of wear-resistant materials

McKarlen has been supplying waste water pumps that are required for a wide range of different wastewater applications.

Our wastewater pumps are constructed of wear-resistant materials including cast iron and stainless steel to deal with various nature of liquid. Over the years, McKarlen have gained the experience to determine what types of wastewater pumps are suitable for different type of contaminants.

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