Optimizing Your Pump Performance

Centrifugal pumps perform many important functions to control the commercial building. Although the physics and basic mechanics of pumps have not changed substantially in the last century, the state of the art in the application of pumps has improved dramatically in recent years. But pumps are still often not well applied, and become common targets in reevaluation of the projects where field assessment and testing can reveal significant energy savings potential from optimizing pump performance. Typical finding is that pump flow rates do not match their design and that reducing flow rates to match load requirements or eliminating unnecessary pressure drops can save energy.

Quality Pumping Solutions

The building services industry refers to the design, installation and maintenance of systems required for commercial properties. McKarlen has been supplying building services solutions for so many years. We understand the importance of reliable equipment in the building services market. Our experience in the industry enables us to specify and source quality pumping solutions that meet the requirements of the application.

We understand the importance of reliable equipment in the building services market.

Other Market Segments


We are a leader in residential water management and offers a wider range of pumps and products for residential applications.


We are proud to offer a complete range of water and wastewater pumps for use in the ever-increasing demands on your municipality.


McKarlen is a manufacturer of pumps for farm and agricultural use. We offer a wide variety of agricultural pumps for various applications.