McKarlen History

Mr. Matthew Hill is our chairman and managing director, with 30 years experience of supplying pumps. He is the third generation of a family that has operated in the pump industry. He decided to launch  McKarlen for distribution to a worldwide market. Headquarter are located at Maidstone, in the United Kingdom, 60km from London. His focus is on improving the technology and design of McKarlen pumps and make it a leading brand through continuous innovation, outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. In its position as a global manufacturer and supplier of water pumps, the company has evolved into developing unique water supply technology within a variety of markets.

During our 40 years in the water pump industry, we have experience many difficult and complex pumping applications.  In 2008, we launched the McKarlen brand to develop and produce a user friendly pump range for domestic and industrial use throughout the whole world.  We manufacture a wide range of quality pumps that combine innovative technology with industry-leading benefits. These pumps are of low-maintenance with low-energy consumption, for substantially reduced operating costs. For the future we will continue to maintain our commitment to being innovative in pump technology and create technology designed to contend with the world’s growing awareness of water and energy usage.

Mr. Matthew Hill, Chairman and Managing Director of McKarlen, with 30 years experience in the pump industry.

What We Do

The traditional market for McKarlen products is water well pumping systems. McKarlen submersible pumps, are the industry’s most trusted products for use in a wide variety of applications. We have sold over 20,000 water pumps since 2008. Recently, the company has branched out into other types of water and effluent products, including sump and wastewater pumps, vertical and horizontal multistage pumps, dewatering pumps, centrifugal pumps and many others.

We supply durable systems as integrated components or as complete pumping solutions for a variety of applications. Designed to withstand difficult climates, environments and changing water conditions, our flexible configurations make McKarlen solutions suitable for installation anywhere along the water systems.

Each McKarlen system is built in accordance with international standards for quality.

A worldwide presence

McKarlen operates from its headquarters and R&D facility in the United Kingdom and at five manufacturing centers. We supply pumping solutions to more than 30 countries. We market our products world-wide through a dedicated network of distributors and sub-distributors. McKarlen is renowned worldwide for its high-quality standards, consistent prompt delivery, excellent availability of spare parts and ongoing customer support.

Our office and warehouse is 1,858 square metres and is located in Maidstone, United Kingdom. Within this we also have a showroom, live demonstration area and a product training centre. Latest IT technologies are incorporated to ensure the online connectivity and availability of information, which are essential for our customers and sales team

We are accredited with the internationally recognised standards: ISO9001, ISO14001 and BS OHSAS18001. These demonstrate officially that we are committed to quality, the environment and health and safety, with effective management systems. They show that not only are we dedicated to our customers and employees, we are serious about reducing our environmental impact and committed to implementing, maintaining and improving the way in which we manage our health and safety system.

Reaching growing markets

From our network offices around the world, we are ready to serve our customers and handle their changing needs. We continue to expand our global operations to reach out and meet the demands of customers in new and evolving markets. The company has a robust global distribution network of over 100 regional distributors. An integrated warehousing and state-of-the art logistics support ensures fast reaction and timely delivery to our valued clients.