Quality in Manufacturing

McKarlen manufacturing teams ensure that quality always takes precedence over quantity. With a strenuous focus on continuous improvement, we are constantly enhancing factory processes and procedures to ensure world-class quality and to meet the challenges of changing customer needs.


McKarlen provides safe and extremely reliable products to our customers. We test rigorously to specified performance parameters and obtain certifications to ensure safety on each and every product manufactured and sold.

Some of our certifications include:

electrical safety certifications through Underwriters Laboratories

(UL), CSA International and UL International

DEMKO; and drinking water certifications through

UL, CSA and NSF International.

Products sold in Europe hold the ACS drinking water certification, meet the RoHS Directive, conform with European safety standards and have selected 4-inch motors certified for sale in the Russian Federation.

McKarlen factories are accredited to ISO 9001:2000.


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