A wide verity of manufacturing applications

Pumps for Industrial manufacturing are used for a wide verity of applications across different kind industries. An industrial pump is typically a heavy-duty pump used for processing that is used to transfer many different types of media, including water, wastewater, sludge and slurry.

Different types of pumps for manufacturing plant

We also specify and supply pumps for use in different types of general manufacturing plant, industrial outlet or factory for any other process. McKarlen has dealt with a wide variety of industrial companies over the years, ranging from engineering firms to various manufacturers. We understand the importance of quality and reliability in industrial applications, where downtime for any industry costs time and money.

We understand the importance of reliability, where downtime costs time and money.

Other Market Segments

Building Services

We offer a wide range of pumps and pumping solutions that ensure the optimum benefit and comfort for your commercial buildings.


We are proud to offer a complete range of water and wastewater pumps for use in the ever-increasing demands on your municipality.


McKarlen is a manufacturer of pumps for farm and agricultural use. We offer a wide variety of agricultural pumps for various applications.