Successful agriculture relies on sufficient access to water

Every pumping task should have an optimum capacity and pressure requirement. Determining the optimum and selecting the pump that delivers it is the key to an efficient and economical irrigation system operation. Successful agriculture is dependent on having sufficient access to water.

Sources of irrigation water can be groundwater from the wells, surface water pumped from rivers, lakes or reservoirs. The source of the irrigation water determines what types of pumps should be selected. Deep well submersible pumps are specially designed to pump water from several metres underground, and a variety of pumps can be used when pumping surface water.


We provide reliable and durable products

Choosing the correct pump size is crucial to the success of the irrigation system, and things to consider include keeping energy consumption low, maintaining system pressure. Variable speed control and motor protection should also be considered.

McKarlen offers a variety of agricultural pumps. The productivity of agriculture greatly depends in part on the efficiency and reliability of its pumping systems. Our pumps play a very important role by supplying water for many agricultural applications such as irrigation for the crops and for other agricultural processes. We are committed to provide reliable and durable products with good efficiency and low energy cost.

The productivity of agriculture greatly depends on the efficiency and reliability of its pumping systems.

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We are a leader in residential water management and offers a wider range of pumps and products for residential applications.


We offer a large number of different wastewater pump designs and products to suit the increasingly demanding applications.


At McKarlen we are able to provide a large range of industry specific pumps, from Stainless Steel Pumps to heavy duty pumps.