KT Series

The KT  Series have the highest standards of Durability and Portability. It is the most suitable choice of various wastewater application The KT series of submersible pumps are designed for high-wear applications. The wet end is completely protected with wear resistant material. These pumps offer what is possibly the most reliable slurry system available. The seal has been strengthened and protected against the invasion of solids particles with a pressure isolation chamber and an impeller that repels penetrating particles away from the seal.


• Completely water-tight cable entry sealed epoxy resin.
• Durable cast iron outer in semi-interior construction case achieves superior heat dissipation.
• Stainless steel strainer.
• Oil–free hermetically sealed, with built-in thermal overload protector.
• Inlet Plate & Pump Casing are made of wear-resistant ductile iron to withstand very abrasive liquids.


• General construction & civil engineering application.
• Tunnel & subway construction, mining and reclamation operation.
• Deep-well pre-dewatering.
• Popular usage in tunnel, subway and river water intake, mining and reclamation operation for deep well pre-dewatering.


• 3 phase, 2 pole2, 50Hz 2850rpm,
• Insulation Class F
• Protection Type IP68.
• pH 68
• Max. liquid temperature : 40°C (104°F)
• Depth submerged is down to 10m



Product Brochure 50Hz

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Product Brochure 60Hz

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Data Sheet 50Hz

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Leaflet KT 50Hz

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